Theme Cafes
More than just maids and cats.

Maid and cat cafes get all the attention, but there’s a lot more to the theme cafe scene in Japan. The sheer number of niches they cover will surprise you, from stationery to topless muscle men. Your trip to Japan isn't complete until you try one of these uniquely Japanese experiences.

How To... Tokyo's Amazing Animal Cafes

Cats, dogs, owls -- Oh my! Tokyo’s endless buildings and businesses may seem the least likely places to find rooms full of adorable animals but, surprisingly, that is exactly the case! Animal cafes can be found in many of the big cities in Japan. Tokyo has the

Doggy Cafe! A Corgi Lover's Dream

Welcome to DOG HILL cafe!Japanese theme cafes are gaining recognition around the world. Most people at least know of the famous cat cafes, where you can enjoy some Japanese sweets while basking in the ambivalent affection of 10+ felines. It doesn’t stop at cat

Tokyo's Cutest Cat Café

Cat Cafés are always magical places to be, but Temari no Ouchi (てまりのおうち) Cat Café takes it to another level! From the moment you walk into the café you feel as though you've stepped right into a Studio Ghibli movie. The whole café is decorated in a fairyta

Crazy Cat Ladies Unite!: Best Cat Themed Spots in Japan

Cats are purrrrfect, and Japan knows it! Throughout Japan you can find a variety of themed cafés, stores and shrines that fit individual interests and categories, but my favorite are those themed around animals, especially cats. This article will offer some i

Owl Nest Cafe

Owl Cafes are a relatively new trend in Japan, and when my partner and I went to Ameyoko in Ueno we happened to stumble across an adorable owl cafe. This cafe is Owl Nest Cafe and is on the third floor of a building on Yasutomi Bldg. When you enter the store t

Owls in Osaka, over coffee

Tucked away on a quiet side street, minutes away from Osaka's bustling Shinsaibashi, a lone owl stands watch. A doll - a figure - no - it's real. ...and it will bite if you're not careful. Tempting as it is to start making friends right away, you'd best keep y

Kawaii Monster Cafe!

With such a wide variety of themed cafes in Japan, it's hard to pick which ones are worth a visit. Among the many in Tokyo, there are two Alice in Wonderland cafes in Shinjuku, a hedgehog cafe in Roppongi, and a Gudetama cafe in Ikebukuro.IMG_4670.JPG 5.62 MBH

Tokyo’s most Beautiful Café

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House. I cannot recommend this place enough. The atmosphere is relaxed & buzzing at the same time, and the views are gorgeous. If you have ever been in a green house, this café will give you the exact same feel. Aoyama Flower Mar

Anime/Game theme cafes that satisfy your inner geek

Image Credit: is a land of sumptuous food, makers of legendary game series and producers of blockbuster anime titles that even non-watchers would've heard of. Any of the 3 reasons would've been a good enough reason for anyone to

Capcom Bar

Ever wondered why there are so many themed cafes and bars in Japan? The answer is pretty simple: because they're awesome!  For fans it's such a good time and it's not all about the looks - the food and drinks are also very enjoyable!behind the entranceWhen m

FFXIV: Eorzea Cafe - A Realm of Food, Drink & Fun

A Brief IntroductionWhere to begin I wonder? Since it's my first Article on Odigo I should probably start by saying Hi! My Name is Dan, and welcome to the article!I have several more articles planned in the near future after my recent visit to Japan in mid A

Kawaii Monster Cafe – a visit to Tokyo’s most colorful theme café

On 1st August 2015 the Kawaii Monster Café opened in Harajuku – a crazy place, a colorful place, a place you should definitely visit while your stay in Japan! Here you get some information about this special place in Tokyo.kawaiimonstercafe11.jpg 193.51 KB Be

Swallowtail Butler Cafe

One of the etched mirrors that greets you as you wait to enter the establishment.Transversing Tokyo is both amazing and exhausting. As the city that is always moving, always walking, always bustling, Tokyo can be overwhelming. The constant crowd of commuters,

Welcome to the Boys Love Academy Café

If you think of Japan’s big selection of theme cafés, the most common ones are animal cafés with cats, Maid Cafés with cute looking girls or time-limited anime and character cafes. If you take a look deeper, you even find out about Butler Cafés which becam

Must Experience in Tokyo -- Kawaiii Maid Cafe!

As Japan always taking lead in anime world, Japan also the first few countries to start up the themed cafe business and the signature one would still be the Maid Cafe.Akihabara, one of the renowned city in Tokyo, the best place for the Otaku and anime fans as

Coming home to the @home Maid Café

Tokyo’s district Akihabara is the most famous place for Maid Cafés in Japan. Many branches have their cafés there and many people interesting in such cafés are going to Akihabara only for this matter. I visited several Maid Cafés so far and want to introdu

Maid Café Unraveled

Akihabara: Games! Anime! Manga! Maids? You are mesmerized if this is your thing. You will see girls dressed in maid outfits offering you pamphlets to their café. You will see posters everywhere advertising their food and drinks. Akihabara has dozens of maid c

Manga Cafes: Japan's Overnight Back-Up Plan

Alas, none of that manga is in English, or I might never leave.An internet cafe may seem like a relic in today's world of near-universal connectivity, but they are alive and well in Japan where they have a firmly established niche and even double as some of t

Bunbougu Cafe: A Stationery Lover's Dream

bunbougu-cafe-omotesando.jpg 145.59 KBIf you're a stationery buff, you probably already know that Japan is basically the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of stationery – they make some of the coolest, cutest stuff here. But you know what's better than cool stati