Japan Tips
Get around like a boss.

Remember Neo waking up and saying, “I know kung-fu”? With these tips from experienced Odigoers, you’ll arrive in Japan knowing how to navigate the sprawling train system, what cultural faux pas to avoid and more. Explore Japan like a seasoned pro, even if it’s your first time! And once you’ve learned a few neat tricks of your own, write an article and share it forward.

A Must-Buy-Item to travel in Osaka! [Osaka Amazing Pass]

Travelling in Osaka may not be as expensive as you think! Osaka is a unique Prefecture in Japan which consists of various elements such as heritage, fashion, entertainment, natural scenery and nice food. -- Photo by Rimo Lim Here goes the must-buy-item to beco

Quick Tip: Bring Comfy Shoes! And extra socks?

Don't let pain get in the way of ExploringIn the heart of RoppongiAs with all traveling, exploring by foot is the best way to experience the true aspect of a foreign country. Japan is no exception to this. However, it’s important that you choose the right foot

Tips for Avoiding Crowds in Tokyo

Greater Tokyo is the biggest and densest metropolitan area in the world. Going to Tokyo can be really exciting, but for the most part, you'll find yourself surrounded by crowds wherever you go. This is because the major stations like Akihabara, Asakusa, Shibuy

Help with getting from Point A to B with Hyperdia

When I first moved to Japan, exploring as much as possible was priority number one on my agenda. I have to say though, even though I'd traveled fairly extensively before we moved here, I was a little intimidated by Japan's public transport initially. There are

Tips for using your ATM card in Japan

When you're traveling internationally, there's two main things you can't leave home without - your passport and a way of accessing cash when you arrive at your destination. These days I think most people just tend to take their ATM cards with them and withdraw

5 Tips for traveling to Japan

2015 Trip to Japan - View from Odaiba Island overlooking Tokyo Bay ©Arsenette ReiterSo you want to take a trip to Japan?  That’s awesome!  Japan has been and continues to be a bucket list item for many people from around the world.  I’ve been blessed to h

6 Things You Don't Need to Bring When You Travel to Japan

On Odigo, you will find lots of advice on what to bring when you travel to Japan. But I think it's equally helpful to have a list of things you do not need to bring when you travel to Japan.  Such a list can help you eliminate things you probably will end up

Tips for Travelling Alone in Japan

There's little more intimidating than flying thousands of miles away from home, to explore a country where the sights, language, and culture are completely foreign to you. And it's a whole other ball game when travelling to that country alone. As a woman trave

Surviving a Japanese Winter

Japanese winters can seem unusually tough for westerners when they visit or decide to live in Japan. The first thing that might seem unbearable to foreigners is that Japanese homes aren't well suited for winter because Japan doesn't have central heat. After a

Travel Tips: Pack Light for Japan! Bring more souvenirs back home

Take more back Home!Nihon Bound!When traveling to Japan, or basically any country in general, you go there for the sights, food, people, and of course, souvenirs. Japan has lots of unique gifts and items that are only available in the country. You can buy many

What to Bring Before Traveling to Japan

When traveling to Japan your first thoughts are obviously what to bring. You might wonder how Japanese products might differ from American products, and if you can spare not bringing some things if you can buy it at a Japanese connivence store. I personally ha

When Nature Calls in Japan: Tips for First Time Travelers

IMG_6708.JPG 839.26 KBI have been able to cover some fun and exciting things on Odigo, and while describing delicious foods and places of historical and cultural significance is a great pleasure of mine, one of my aims is to ensure that every one of you reade

6 Useful tips when you visit Japan

This is your first trip to Japan, but you have absolutely no idea what to expect when you're in the country. Don't worry, I've been there and I've also gone through some of your worries, even more so as a solo traveler. Here's a few little tips that I find qu

Transportation in Japan | What's the best way to get around?

There are a lot of methods of transportation in Japan and they all have their pros and cons. Factors such as how long you’ll be traveling, where you’ll be going, and what your comfort levels are all add into figuring out what way to travel will be most efficie

Tips For Getting Around Japan

Inside Tokyo Station, commuters waiting as the train interiors are cleaned up before they're allowed to board. There are markings on the ground showing where to line up.Japan's rail system and public transit systems are generally pretty easy to use and naviga

10 Cultural Dos and Don'ts in Japan

Japan can be an intimidating country to visit. Travelers hear so many tales about the strict cultural rules of Japanese society and the cringeworthy faux pas foreigners are prone to commit. Whole books have even been written about this subject matter. But beha

14 Things to Know About Rural Japan

 1. Be flexible about business hoursLook for "営業中" in front of shops, which means they are currently open. -- Photo by Athena Lam Time has a different meaning in the rural areas. While websites may give specific opening times, sometimes shops close because an

10 Tips to Rock Tokyo DisneySea

With the help of my fellow YouTubers Rachel & Jun, Kim Dao, Angela (Internationally Me), Chris Broad (Abroad in Japan), and Moe (Moe Style), I, Chris Okano (OkanoTV), am currently on tour for the Odigo 47 project. We are visiting all 47 prefectures of Japa

10 Travelling to Japan Tips

Hi everyone! It's Kim Dao here, today I'm going to be sharing 10 Japan travelling tips which would be useful for first time travellers to Japan.10 Japan Travel Hacks - Video on the Kim Dao Youtube ChannelTravelling to Japan for the first time can be scary, esp