Tochigi is famed for its onsen (hot springs), ski resorts and large natural parks. Approximately 21% of the prefecture is designated as parks. Its capital, Utsunomiya, is famous for gyoza (fried dumplings) and the most per capita consumption of dumplings in Japan. Located one hour away from Tokyo, most Tokyoites prefer to get out of the city and relax in the natural beauty of Tochigi.
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Photo Cred: Flickr user Hetarllen Mumriken [email protected]/13902604447/Flower Viewing in the Spring Tochigi prefecture is best known for its nature, which makes it obvious that any sort of flower viewing is going to be amazing. There is the Ashikaga Flower park

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Sano RamenSano ramen is what you would imagine the perfect example of ramen looks like. Sano ramen prides itself on its simple yet creative cooking process, as the noodles are beaten and aerated before being boiled. The noodles are chewy and have texture, whil

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Tochigi Prefecture is relatively close to the metropolitan area, which is one of the reasons why it is often chosen as the destination for elementary and middle school field trips. It only takes 2 hours from Shinjuku to get to Nikko, the number one tourist des