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1|imageslimthis is japanLV.88 709 13
There are many brilliant reasons to pay Japan a visit - the amazing festival culture here being one of them. What do you do though if a particular festival you want to check out isn't on at the time of year you're visiting? Or maybe you can't get to every region in Japan that you want to.Well, if...more...
1|imageslimKiara ThreepwoodLV.41 1264 6
Hello there, fellow traveller! Only two more days to go. This is the time to revisit those spots where you left with unfinished business. A bit of backtracking, so to speak. For us it’s another freaking shopping day. Since I wanted to buy some cute Japanese outfits, normal clothes too not just Ha...more...
1|imageslimthis is japanLV.88 443 22
If you're like me, you like finding the cute, quirky coffee shops a city has to offer when you're out and about exploring. Well, Tokyo has a unique little coffee shop that has lattes in all colors of the rainbow - but you might be a little surprised as to how they get their various shades! Ink by...more...
1|imageslimNika TresorLV.40 2073 30
We all know Tokyo as this dazzling nightlife metropolis, where skyscrapers and neon lights take over over the cityscape as soon as the sun goes down. However, there is this little area of Tokyo that is unlike any of those things – an area that brings us back to what the city was like centuries ag...more...
1|imageslimMike BLV.72 1270 16
Tokyo is one of the best cities in the world for foodies.  You'll see more than a few Michelin Stars in Japan's capital city, and you might be surprised at just how broad the options are in terms of cuisine.  Besides the hometown favorites (including regional specialties from all 47 of Japan's pr...more...
1|imageslimthis is japanLV.88 141 6
There are certain wintertime activities that just feel festive - one of which has to be ice skating. I think about my favorite Christmas movies, like Elf - and there's almost always an ice skating scene in them. Even though Japan may not celebrate Christmas in the way that many of us are used to,...more...
1|imageslimAsha🍙 MehtaLV.65 168 4
What better way to enjoy this holiday season than to visit the happiest place on earth! Disneyland Tokyo and DisneySea both have special winter events lined up, starting from November 2017 extending all the way to March 2018. The parks will showcase special new parades for Christmas and the new y...more...
1|imageslimClaudia MitsuLV.57 116 5
Japan is split in 47 prefectures and for sure every prefecture has its own problems. It is always a difficult way to find solutions, but if there is one they often result in something great. At the current exhibition at d47 Museum in Shibuya, you can find 47 product gifts that came up through thi...more...
1|imageslimAngie RinLV.51 180 6
Japanese curry in itself is one-of-a-kind. There are various ways to make it, not to mention a whole bunch of different toppings to match. While there are a bunch of curry places out here in Tokyo, I’ll be listing the top 3 places that are easy to find but won’t compromise your Japan curry experi...more...
1|imageslimMike BLV.72 707 22
When you’re lost in the hustle and bustle of the big cities of Japan, it can be easy to forget that Japanese culture is deeply rooted in the principles of simplicity, enlightenment, and oneness with nature.  Hardly seems that way when gazing upon Tokyo Skytree or Shibuya crossing, right?  Still, ...more...