Kichijoji is the most desirable residential area in Tokyo. One reason for this popularity is location. There is an abundance of stores around Kichijoji Station, as well as many other small shops, cafes, restaurants and bars in the area. The buildings in Kichijoji have their own character, and the streets are unlike the concrete jungles found elsewhere.

The Mitaka Ghibli Museum, run by the animation studio Ghibli, is very famous and attracts a great number of domestic and overseas tourists. Take a ten-minute walk south from Kichijoji Station and you will see the 38-hectare Inokashira Park. This is a wonderful spot from which to enjoy the sakura and red maple leaves. At the weekend, quite a few artists gather here to display their work or to perform. Most of the stores in the Kichijoji area do not open until after 1pm, so it is recommended that you visit Inokashira Park and Mitaka Ghibli Museum in the morning and explore the shops around the station in the afternoon.

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