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Tottori prefecture along the Sea of Japan coast is best known for its sand dunes (Tottori Sakyu) and Sand Sculpture Museum. The spiritual center of mountain worship, Daisen in Tottori is a large, volcanic mountain. You can visit both Daisenji Temple and Ogamiyama Shrine along the wooded paths on the lower slopes of Daisen. After climbing dunes and mountains, be sure to try the local specialty Matsubagani cuisine. Matsubagani is a long legged snow crab, delicious in all the many ways it is prepared, but especially as Kanijuu (snow crab soup).


This whimsical city west of Japan's Tottori prefecture is an absolute treat. Little surprises await at every corner from the moment you arrive at Sakaiminato Station. Anime and manga fans will immediately recognize the 100 bronze yokai (ghost) statues that line Mizuki Shigeru Road facing the stat...

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