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The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a famous day-trip travel destination for Toyama, as it is relatively straightforward and is beautiful regardless of the time of year (though it is closed during the peak of winter). You can also enjoy it from either way: going from Toyama to Tokyo, or the other...more...
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Toyama prefecture is particularly great for those that want to experience what nature Japan has to offer. Be it glaciers, mountain trekking routes, or old thatched roof buildings, Toyama is a snapshot of the simple, natural life.Ainokura Gassho Community Like the Shirakawa-go community in Gifu pr...more...
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Train Railways are a major means of transportation in Toyama; the prefecture has three main lines with Ainokaze Toyama Railway, JR Line and Toyama Chiho Railway. Ainokaze Toyama Railway runs through the prefecture from east to west, while JR Himi and JR Johana connects Takaoka Station to both ar...more...
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Tonami Tulip Fair in Spring  Spring time is a time of relaxation and warming up after the cold winter. What better way to do so than by taking a stroll down the river and enjoying the sakura trees? Or going to a whole park dedicated to Tulips? The best part is that you can do so without leaving ...more...
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MasuzushiMasuzushi is a type of boxed meal, that is frequently sold at train stations for long rides. It is a pressed sushi, served with salted and vinegared trout, along with vinegared rice, and all wrapped in a bamboo leaf. Historically, it is known for being used as a gift to visitors. The sim...more...
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"An open carriage train ride, green mountains, blue water, snow bridges, natural hot springs, happy kids, parents and grandparents. Despite the bucketing rain that drenched us on the way back, a perfect day. " is what is written in my notes about our visit to the Kurobe Gorge earlier this year. ...more...
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Kurobe Gorge is a natural gorge in the mountains of Toyama prefecture. It's most famous for its Autumn leaves, but is beautiful at any time! However due to heavy snow, it's only open from May through to November. I went in mid October, which was just when the leaves were just starting to change. ...more...