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On a week-long trip around Yamagata Prefecture, I found myself falling in love with the countryside, the quiet but impressive temples and shrines, the kindness of the people and, of course, the food! These are just a few things worth trying when out and about in Yamagata Prefecture. A calm area w...more...
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In the heart of Yamagata prefecture lies Haguro-san, one of the three sacred mountains forming the Dewa Sanzan (Three mountains of Dewa). Standing at 414m (1,358 ft), Haguro-san is the smallest and most accessible of the three mountains that are the center of Shugendo, a form of mountain worship ...more...
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Yamagata DashiYamagata Dashi, while at first may sound like a type of soup, is actually a series of finely chopped vegetables and condiments, seasoned with soy sauce and served on top of some steaming hot rice. Some restaurants will add Okra in it to give it gooiness, but it is mainly a dish rese...more...
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Yamagata prefecture is relatively accessible by train, plane and bus. The prefecture has its own dedicated airport, as well as a station connected by Shinkansen to Tokyo, and Express buses that go to and from Tokyo and Yamagata Station. While not necessarily cheap, the trips do not take too long ...more...
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Most of Yamagata tourist destinations, aside from some that are incredibly far off or require cars like the Ginzan Onsen, are within easy train distance from the main Yamagata Station. Therefore, you can clear most of the tourist destinations within a day, and stay a little more if you like to sk...more...
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Thousand-Sakura River in Spring The Mogami River, one of the most rapid rivers in Japan, is also known for having one of the most beautiful sakura landscapes in Japan. Known as the “Thousand Sakura Trees”, this 2 kilometer stretch of river bank has over 300 sakura trees lined up, planted in comm...more...
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Yama-dera Temple The Yama-dera Temple is known mostly for being the place where famous Japanese poet Matsuo Basho wrote his poem “ah this silence / sinking into the rocks / voice of cicada”. As told by the poem, Yama-dera is a quiet, peaceful place deep in the mountains, and is designated a Plac...more...